Commercial Buildings

Dugan Custom Builders brings 30+ years of expertise building a broad portfolio of high-quality wood and steel commercial buildings. We’ve created stand-alone bank and professional services buildings, maintenance barns, athletic and alumni centers, a state-of-the-art astronomy observatory and more.

Educational Institutions

One of Dugan Custom Builder’s specialities is school projects, with numerous projects involving private schools in Northeastern CT. Some projects have included new, contemporary buildings while others have involved historic buildings or have created a melding of existing structures and new construction.

Most school projects require completion under strict time constraints. Dugan Custom Builders has the project management skills and proven experience, as well as trusted and reliable relationships with all subcontractors, to assure project efficiency and completion on-time.

Commercial Remodeling

We’re experts at remodeling existing commercial buildings to create new spaces and uses. When projects involve historic buildings, we utilize architects in conjunction with our skilled  craftsmen to insure the design and execution of any new sections blend and integrate with the original portions of the building.

Commercial Renovations

Dugan Custom Builders has successfully completed numerous commercial renovation projects, including dorms and classrooms, locker rooms, student centers, window and door upgrades, porch rebuilding and more.