Remodeling & Renovations

When you need more space, or need to reinvent your existing space, sometimes it just makes more sense to remodel or renovate rather than move. Dugan Custom Builders are experts in creating new uses for your existing space, expanding on your existing space, or simply upgrading elements within your existing space. We’ve helped homeowners and businesses with both remodeling and renovation projects, and have hundreds of successful “before and after” stories.


When creating new space, or redesigning existing space, it’s always critical that the design and execution of the new sections blend and integrate with the original portions of the building, both inside and out. On remodeling projects, we typically involve an architect to work out both design and structural details to make sure the remodeled result looks like it was always meant to be part of your existing home or business.


Dugan Custom Builders has successfully completed numerous renovation projects for both homeowners and businesses. We’ve upgraded and enhanced dorms and classrooms, locker rooms, student centers, windows and doors, porches and more. We’re also experts in kitchen and bath upgrades to give you a fresh, new look, more efficient use of space and the latest in appliances and fixtures.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you re-invision your home or business to accommodate your new or changing needs.